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AVP is a data management solutions provider. Our experts offer proven approaches to help you protect, manage, and use the data and information assets you care about. We aim to be collaborative with our colleagues in the digital preservation community by supporting the Forum and raising awareness about principles and innovations in digital preservation.

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An audiovisual content publishing platform, Aviary provides intended users with search, navigation, and playback across audio and video archives, collections, and files, pinpointing search results with playback exactly where a search term is found.

DLF Forum & DigiPres Platinum Sponsor

In theme-based seasons, CLIR’s Material Memory podcast explores the effects of our changing environment—from digital technologies to the climate crisis—on our ability to access the record of our shared humanity, and the critical role that libraries, archives, museums, and other public institutions play in keeping cultural memory alive. Season 2 drops in November!

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For more than a decade, discoverygarden has been building trusted repositories and digital asset management systems for important organizations around the world.

Today discoverygarden systems are protecting over 200 million cultural and scientifically important objects.

discoverygarden is founded on the principle of global best-in-class standards, and is dedicated to evolving and industry leading preservation platforms.

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Picturae digitizes everything from books, maps, and photos, to fragile herbarium specimens, brittle negatives, and glass slides.

From natural history collections to municipal archives, large scale or small, we will digitize your items at our studio in Jersey City, NJ, or set up on location anywhere in the world.

We value your trust, and are committed to safeguarding your materials as we capture and deliver high quality images – preserving your collection for generations to come.

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Preservica is changing the way organizations around the world protect and future-proof critical long-term digital information.

Available in the cloud (SaaS) or on premise, our award-winning active digital preservation software has been designed from the ground-up to tackle the unique challenges of ensuring digital information remains accessible and trustworthy over decades.

DLF Forum & DigiPres Silver Sponsor

Quartex, from Adam Matthew Digital, is a digital collections platform designed to help libraries and archives easily publish, showcase, and share their own archival material.

It is a fully hosted solution that incorporates cutting-edge technologies, including Handwritten Text Recognition, OCR, and Audio Visual (AV) transcription to help maximize the discovery of all digitized content types.

Quartex also allows you to easily build and publish digital exhibits.

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Digital Bedrock provides secure, managed, and trusted digital preservation services in an off-cloud architecture.