Active Bystanders

Active Bystanders in Virtual Spaces

Following last October’s Active Bystander Orientation, DLF’s Committee for Equity and Inclusion (DLF-CEI) has been exploring strategies for making this year’s DLF Forum and affiliated events as vibrant and connected as in previous years.

To foster a conversation that helps all participants be a part of creating welcoming and inclusive online meetings, whether at these affiliated events, or in other virtual spaces that have become part of the new routine, this year DLF-CEI presented Active Bystanders in Virtual Spaces on Tuesday, October 20, at 2 PM ET/11 AM PT.

For this event, we asked attendees to view last year’s Active Bystander Orientation webinar and bring questions and thoughts for discussion about what it means to be an active bystander, whether in physical or virtual space.

Read the summary and anonymized chat transcript from Active Bystanders in Virtual Spaces. 

Watch the 2019 Active Bystander Orientation