RFP DEADLINE: Monday, February 10 at 12pm ET

SUBMIT TO: Please submit electronically via email with the subject “2020 CLIR+DLF Design RFP” in PDF format to Aliya Reich, Program Manager for Conferences and Events, at

The Council on Library and Information Resources (“CLIR”) and the Digital Library Federation (“DLF”) are seeking qualified, creative, and experienced persons or entities (“Respondents”) to submit proposals for Brand Design for CLIR’s 2020 DLF Forum and affiliated events, taking place in Baltimore, Maryland, in November of 2020.

CLIR is an independent, nonprofit organization that forges strategies to enhance research, teaching, and learning environments in collaboration with libraries, cultural institutions, and communities of higher learning.

DLF is a program of CLIR and serves its parent organization as the place where CLIR’s broader information-community strategies are informed and enriched by digital library practice and technologies. DLF connects CLIR’s vision and research agenda with our active practitioner network, and brings the insights of the DLF community to bear. DLF is a place where big ideas can be road-tested, enhanced, or re-envisioned, but also from which they can emerge, shaping new strategic directions for the entire community.

CLIR’s and DLF’s programs stretch year-round, but DLF is perhaps best known for its signature event, the annual DLF Forum. The DLF Forum welcomes digital library, technology, archives, and museum practitioners from member institutions and beyond—for whom it serves as a meeting place, marketplace, and congress. As a meeting place, the DLF Forum provides an opportunity for our Advisory Committee, working groups, and community members to conduct their business, present their work, and connect with one another. As a marketplace, the Forum provides an opportunity for community members to share experiences and practices with one another and support a broader level of information sharing among professional staff. As a congress, the Forum provides an opportunity for the DLF to continually review and assess its programs and its progress with input from the community at large. Here, the DLF community celebrates successes, learns from mistakes, sets grassroots agendas, and organizes for action. 2020 is DLF’s 25th anniversary, and so we are seeking an updated aesthetic for this year’s events.

CLIR and DLF also hold a pre-conference workshop day, Learn@DLF, and are host to the National Digital Stewardship Alliance’s (“NDSA”) Digital Preservation Conference, for which branding already exists and only requires simple updates. However, we are are seeing branding and design for CLIR’s Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium, immediately following the Forum this year.

The Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium is convened to celebrate five years of the Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives program. Since 2015, Digitizing Hidden Collections (DHC) has awarded approximately $4 million annually to institutions holding collections of high value for research, teaching and learning. Symposium participants will include approximately 300 DHC grant recipients, scholars, students, and professionals, and the program will focus on establishing priorities, best practices, and preservation strategies for digitized rare and unique content. This event is co-located with the Forum but administered separately; we anticipate there will be some overlap of attendees, and others who only attend the Symposium. We’re seeking an event identity that is recognizable to those familiar with the look and feel of the program’s website, and is harmonious with but distinct from that of the Forum.

Past designs can be found here:

Our preliminary 2020 design is here:

UPDATE: We have adjusted the timeline of this work based on feedback from a few interested designers. We hope the timeline below will suit you and look forward to receiving your submissions.

While we are still seeking designs that are site-specific as in the examples above, we are looking for a fresh aesthetic for this year’s events, which mark DLF’s 25th anniversary.

We are open to new fonts, colors, and approaches to design. Our ultimate goal is for the DLF community to come together in this year’s conference location (Baltimore, Maryland).

The work needed will be in two periods of time.

By April 15, 2020:

Complete branding design for the DLF Forum, Learn@DLF, DigiPres, and Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium including the following collateral:

  1. Create new logo for Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium
  2. Create new multi-event web-based banners
    a. Social media banner (820×400)
    b. Twitter banner (1500×300)
    c. ConfTool banner (900×160)
  3. Update NDSA-only web-based banners
    a. Update existing NDSA-only social media banner (820×400)
    b. Update existing NDSA-only Twitter banner (1500×300)
  4. Create new multi-event printed banners/signage
    a. Sponsor pop-up banners
    b. All-purpose sign templates
       i. 8½” x 11”
       ii. Vertically- and horizontally-oriented options
  5. Create new multi-event name badge graphics
  6. Create new DLF Forum t-shirt design: 3 options, one color

By September 1, 2020: 

  1. Create new pocket agenda for Learn@DLF, DLF Forum, DigiPres
  2. Create new schedule for Digitizing Hidden Collections
  3. Update sponsor pop-up banner with new logos
  4. Create new 2021 event social media banner

The maximum budget for all work needed is $4,500.


Respondents shall submit one (1) PDF of a written proposal (a “Proposal”) clearly addressed with “2020 CLIR+DLF Design RFP” in the subject line of the email no later than Monday, February 10, 2020 at 12pm ET to:

Aliya Reich
Program Manager for Conferences and Events

Proposals shall include the following information:

  1. Completed Statement of Respondent’s Qualifications.
  2. Identification of all costs involved.
  3. Any relevant work samples.
  4. Name, address, email address and phone number for a main contact person and an alternate contact person.
  5. List of 3 current customer references including contact name and phone number.
  6. Any additional information Respondent feels would be helpful for the selection committee.

Proposals will be evaluated by CLIR/DLF staff on the following criteria (not ordered in their relative importance):

  • Responsiveness to this RFP (including addenda responses, if issued)
  • Proposed schedule
  • Cost of services
  • Proposals ability to meet all the requested services
  • Demonstrated ability in providing the requested services
  • References as verified through reference checks

For questions or more information, please write